Dog Fouling - Haweswater Road

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Dog Fouling - Haweswater Road

Post by Nicky2 on Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:34 pm

I would like to report the problem of dog fouling on the field located on Haweswater Road.

This is an ongoing problem and in the lighter nights children regularly use the field to play on.  Some dog owners choose not to pick up after their dogs and it now seems that the amount of dogs is increasing i.e. dog breeders bringing all of their dogs to the field.  

I have lived here for a number of years and have yet to see a regular patrol of the field to check to see if dog owners are picking up after their dogs.

I have also noticed that some dog walkers are exercising several dogs together resulting in packs roaming the field. I have sent in a detailed complaint and should have an answer within 10 days

This has now been passed to the Neighbourhood Team and they and they will reply by 11/09/14 Admin


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